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Who we are
We are a communion of Protestant churches in 108 countries. Our 229 member churches are Presbyterian, Congregational, Reformed, Waldensian, United and Uniting. The combined membership of these churches is an estimated 80 million people.

What we do
WCRC coordinates joint church initiatives for economic, ecological and gender justice based on the member churches’ common theology and beliefs.

Our objectives are to foster unity among out member churches and promote economic, social and ecological justice.

WCRC’s member churches believe that Christian faith is based on actions which respond to the spiritual needs and economic and social rights of all people in society and that this includes ensuring responsible use of natural resources.

Through WCRC, member churches engage in ecumenical dialogue, promotion of church unity, theological study and worldwide initiatives supporting climate, economic and gender justice and church mission. WCRC is supported principally by membership contributions of finances and human resources. It also seeks funding for the Global Institute of Theology 2014.

If you are interested in donating funds, please contact Dr. Douwe Visser at dvi@wcrc.ch